Setup Custom Nameservers


You must first connect the DNS Manager plugin with a supported managed DNS service. Instructions on how to do so are below:

Configuring DNS Manager

  1. In the DNS Manager plugin go to the Settings > General Settings. 
  2. Under default records, in the "A" field, enter the IP of the server on which your multisite Wordpress installation resides. 
  3. Now go to the Custom NS submenu and click on "Add New".
  4. Enter the domain name you will use for your White Label Name Servers. It will normally be the same as your multisite installation. Be sure to check the option "Set as default" and click on “Add Name Server”.
  5. Go to the DNS Zones submenu. You will see that a new zone has been created for your Name Server. 
  6. Set your default name server by hovering over the Zone Name and clicking the "Set as Default" link.
  7. Click on the name of the zone to see more details. You can add a new DNS record using the form at the bottom.
    NOTE: You will see that an A record that points to the IP of your installation and that 4 NS records have been created. The other 4 A records that you will see point to the IPs of the name servers from your Manager DNS account. These is known as Glue Records. It is recommended that you do not modify this configuration.
  8. The last step for everything to work properly is to go to your domain name registrar and point your NS records to your White Label Name Servers. NOTE: Your multisite installation may be inaccessible until changes are propagated.